About Us

At Birch & Co, we believe that fragrance is an art form, a symphony that dances through the air and evokes positive emotions. Our journey began with Nicole Caglione Shah, a talented violinist who graced the stages of illustrious orchestras in NYC and globally. Besides her musical talent, growing up in an artistic family has awoken Nicole's senses, fueling a devotion to fragrance and igniting her creative spirit.

After honing her skills as a violinist and learning the art of fragrance, Nicole felt a calling to explore a new artistic venture. And so, Birch & Co was born. Our fragrances are the result of meticulous craftsmanship, a harmonious blend of passion and creativity, just like the notes of a symphony.  Furthermore, our company's essence is to bring joy through fragrance

Birch & Co is all about sharing good vibes in the real and digital universe. Our community is international, dynamic, cool, modern, and strong.